Young smokers more prone to heart attack risk: Expert

Youthful smokers are in excess of eight times liable to have a noteworthy heart assault contrasted with non-smokers, said Dr Ahmad Al Mulla, Head of HMC’s Tobacco Control Center at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC).

As per Dr Al Mulla, HMC’s Tobacco Control Center gets various referrals every month from the Heart Hospital for patients younger than 40 who have blood clusters and blockages in their corridors. He says smoking is a noteworthy hazard factor for coronary illness, a condition in which plaque develops inside the coronary corridors.

Coronary illness happens when conduits that convey blood to the heart muscle are limited by plaque or hindered by clumps. Synthetic compounds in tobacco smoke cause the blood to thicken and frame clusters inside veins and supply routes and blockage from a coagulation can prompt a heart assault and sudden passing.

Dr Ahmad Al Mulla.


Dr Jamal Abdullah, a Smoking Cessation Specialist at HMC, said that all patients who look for the administrations of the Tobacco Control Center experience a full appraisal, including a total medicinal history and related assessments. As a major aspect of the evaluation, clinicians converse with patients about accessible treatment choices and alert them about the effect smoking has on their wellbeing and the significance of stopping.

Notwithstanding smoking cigarettes, well known types of tobacco use among youngsters in Qatar incorporate electronic cigarettes, biting tobacco (Swedish Snus) and a tobacco item blended with sweet-smelling leaf and bark herbs (Midwakh or Dokha). He said that numerous youngsters think these options are less destructive than tobacco cigarettes, in any case, he cautions they can be more unsafe.

While smoking is a main source of heart assaults and coronary illness, a considerable lot of these heart dangers can be switched basically by stopping smoking.

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