Use FB Messenger? You’re Being Recorded Even When Not Using Your Phone

People have entered this kind of slump in this 2010’s decade where we accept conditions that are completely unacceptable on our smart phones to use apps like FB messenger.

The truth is, there must be a reason why FB messenger and similar apps make people agree to certain things. A couple years ago it was reported that 900 million people use FB messenger every month, and the number must have increased since then.

Users who agree to the terms of FB messenger, as anybody does without reading them because they simply want access to the app, are literally granting them the ability to record them at any time.

Users must agree to terms that require FB to be enabled to access a person’s microphone on their device, and even record audio at any moment they please without their permission or knowledge.

People are encouraged to accept an insidious contract of justification for surveillance, that states FB has the ability to “record audio with the microphone … at any time without your confirmation.”

Similar disturbing terms they require include allowing FB to take pictures and videos using your device’s camera without permission or knowledge, and directly calling phone numbers that could result in charges although that scenario is less likely.

FB can not only record you in your pocket, which intelligence agencies can use because they are capable of using noise reduction and technology to make a phone-in-pocket recorded conversation audible, but they can read your phone’s call log.

FB can access your data about phone contacts, how many telephone calls you have made, how many emails you have made, and any other communications you could imagine. Have an encrypted messaging app? It just might not be so encrypted on these terms and conditions.

Everybody skips over this Terms of Service agreement, including me: there’s a reason why they force a person to download messenger rather than just message on the regular Internet browser.

Now, in the wake of this scandal going down with Cambridge Analytica, people are recognizing the danger of apps like this more clearly in a wave of public attention that we desperately need.

A thread on Reddit pointed out that FB tracks all calls and messages on Android.

Some comments from the thread read:

“This was the final nail in the coffin for me. Backed up and completely deleted. Its a lifesuck.”

“No shit. It’s clearly there in the permissions requested at install time… which nobody reads or cares about.”

“”Requires access to the following applications:




They even tell you. If people bothered to read that shit they would already know this.”

It’s common sense at this point: they openly tell you they will harvest your data. Now what do you think they are using this data for? Someone is getting paid here.

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