Two-year-old Boy Dies from Severe Physical Abuse from His Own Aunt and Uncle

According to the post’s author, the boy’s mother was working abroad and had no idea how her son was treated at home.

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) work away from their families hoping to make the lives of their children easier. They sacrifice their own happiness, just to make sure their families back at home are happy and contented with life. While they starve themselves just to save enough money, their families are full with the food bought with the OFW’s money. Sadly, many OFWs do not realize what kind of life their families live while they are away.

A two-year-old boy lost his life while under the “care” of his relatives while his mother was working abroad. The young boy, identified only as John Earl, was allegedly abused by his own uncle and aunt, who were entrusted with the boy’s safety.

According to the boy’s neighbors, his relatives would often slam the door on his arms and his fingers, severely damaging his hands and arms. They would also feed the boy with spoiled food spiked with chilies. The neighbors claim that the couple would threaten to kill their families if they report the abuse to authorities, forcing them to shut their mouth.


When the boy was brought to the hospital, the doctor was in horror to see his situation. This prompted authorities to call the boy’s mother, who was in utter shock. She immediately came home to the Philippines, only to see her son in a casket.

Apparently, the couple was furious as the child was a frequent bed wetter.


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