These Shocking Illustrations Show How The Modern World Has Changed

Before the articles begin, how many of you think of your actions before you commit them? Do you even give a second thought to what your actions might mean to the person standing beside you? How many of you have introspected? Have you ever tried to think of reasons for the plight in the world? No, right? Well, one thing we are sure; these questions might have hit you hard and begged you to think twice about the life that you are leading.

To be more specific, the modern world and the lifestyle that we have adopted has changed everything. Olivier Bonhomme, an artist, based in Montpellier, France has some illustrations that will blow your mind. He aims at the modern life that is sophisticated yet complex. He graduated from the Ecole Emile Cohl in the year 2010 and has been working with different clients, newspapers, and even studios as an illustrator and art director.

Here are the shocking illustrations that show how the modern world has changed!

1. Life is no longer about people but about oneself in the modern world. 

2. Pregnancy is no longer natural, things have changed. 

3. The city is all about the hustle bustle. 

4. There’s a mix of culture, which should be a good but is turning bad. 

5. The virtual world is all that exists. 

6. It’s all about the brands. 

7. With all the types of equipment around how will the doctor find a way out. 

8. Global warming is the next world war. 

9. Taking a life to other planets is the mission. 

10. Racism still exists.

11. Walking dead bodies everywhere. 

12. Je Suis Charlie

13. Money is everything.

14. Lust is the key to everything. 

15. Money… money…!! Everything is weighed in and around money.


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