The Sexiest Woman In The World: Kelly Brook

The sexiest body in the world can be a debatable topic. Scientists have been researching about the best body figure of a woman, and keep reading to see why this woman was said to have the best body shape and figure by the scientists. Want to know which woman has the sexiest body? Read Below

Not putting too much weight on the subject matters like beauty and preference, these measurements showed that she is the one. Texas University researchers have considered their previous data and found Kent lass flawless.

A model, actress and TV Presenter, Kelly Brook she is gifted with the sexiest body. When she wanted to enter the model world, people told her that she was too plump to become one. She wasn’t sleek and thin like the other models out there but honestly, the plump figure is wanted attracts the eye of the beholder.

And yes, other measurements have also been considered and on the condition that there must not be any alternation done with the appearance, such as plastic surgery and so on. She has the sexiest body in the modeling world.

1. Kelly Brooke

Certainly, when Kelly Brooke discovered about the honor she had received, she was very honored and proud.

2. Does she appear plump?

As we mentioned, she had faced problems while entering the fashion world because of her body type, but trust us, she’s is completely fine.

3. The perfect BWH

She has BWH ratio of 99-63-91, and you might feel like noting that down! Are we correct?

4. A perfect height? Let’s see.

The scientists say that the perfect height for a woman is 1.68 meters, which is the height of Kelly.

5. Body Shape

Well, we all love abs and stuff, but the way we are naturally is absolutely the best, and that’s what Kelly possesses.

6. No alternations

The best part of Kelly is, unlike other celebrities, she hasn’t gone under any kind of surgery to alter her body to look better. The natural persona is much better.

7. People have different opinions

She didn’t appear hot to the ones when she was applying for the acting and modeling contracts. But we know where she is today.

8. She is active

Well only because she was active, she is the place where she is today. She is hot and plump and is the best body shape for women in the world.

9. Guys don’t prefer stick figure anymore.

What’s so special in the stick figures? They all just look the same.

10. Perfect facial features.

Believe us or not, scientists we were also very quick to find out that Kelly Brooke has the best facial features, that add to her being the perfect woman in the world.



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