Saudi Man Expresses Thanks To Filipina Nanny Online

Previously, it can be recalled that a Filipina nanny was given by a house and lot by foreign employers for serving them whole-heartedly for many years. This time, an Arab man sends salute to the Filipina domestic helper who worked for their family for the last 29 years.

The Arab man was identified as Abdulrahman Al Sharhan. He posted on Twitter a photo of them with her nanny named Menyam. In the Tweet, she express her heartfelt thanks to the woman who had been with their family for more than a decade.

His Tweet reads:

“After 29 years of service, our dear Menyam has decided to leave us and head back to the Philippines. She always said, ‘I’ll go back home when Abdulrahman gets married.’ Thank you for everything you did for us, God willing, I will make sure to visit you with my own kids one day,’ says Sharhan.

Netizens were touched by the message of the Arab man, instantly gaining attention online. They also commend her loyalty to the family.

“Loyal people are hard to find these days and she’s one of them,’ says one netizen.

Early this year, a video of a Saudi family bidding goodbye to their nanny also went viral.


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