Russian Real-Life Popeye Could Have His Arms Removed Due To The Risky Method

In today’s developed world, you can do anything and become anyone through surgery and injections, but it’s a risky business. You must have heard or seen that nowadays, people try to modify their faces, breasts, buttocks, skin color or their arms. Even this 21-year-old Kirill Tereshin from Russia has done so. He has blown his arms out of proportion via some lethal injections, in order to become a real-life Popeye. Now, this former soldier could have his arms removed due to the risky method he has adopted.

He’s an ex-soldier and a Russian bodybuilder, who has garnered plenty of criticism on the internet, including his doctors for the risky method he has chosen to enhance his biceps.

Kirill Tereshin has gained immense popularity for his real-life Popeye-style biceps after using chemicals to enlarge his muscles.

Now, he has realized, that this real-life Popeye is in for trouble and is trying to generate concern for his healthiness on Instagram by captioning “bazooka arms are about to fall off.”

He has posted some disturbing images of his swollen biceps with a red and purple discoloring, which may have to be removed.

Yet, Krill plans to carry on injecting himself with the homemade lethal injection, defying the professional opinion to become a real-life Popeye.

Synthol is made up of 85% oil, 7.5% lidocaine, and 7.5% alcohol, and Tereshin makes his from olive oil, lidocaine, and benzyl alcohol.

So far, he has injected himself with 6 liters of this lethal combination into his arms, with which he is so obsessed to develop Popeye-like biceps.

Doctors have foreseen a definite stroke one day or his arms have to be removed if he continues with this risky method.

“He very likely faces amputation in the future,” Professor Eugene Lilin explained. “One-day abscesses will develop, then inflammation and he [will be at risk of] a stroke.”

Lilin continued “The bad thing is that already-injected Synthol or it will remain in his muscles for the next five to seven years, even if he stops adding more now.”

In spite of the damaging consequences these cocktail injections have on the body, by shooting liters of Synthol into the arms, it is still considered legal.

Russian media have criticized him for trying to become a ‘fanatic’ as he tries to garner Instagram glory.

He was previously given a warning by the doctors, but now it seems the situation has turned severely critical.

He shared that he is eager to boost-up his Instagram followers and targetted to reach at least a million, but within a month he achieved 106,000.

Due to his popularity, he has received many offers and one of them is to act in adult movies.

You can see from the images that his risky method is no more being acceptable to his body, resulting in an extremely alarming look.

Tereshin will be confronting some dire consequences due to this risky method he has chosen to become a real-life Popeye, by getting his arms removed.

Currently, his biceps stand at 23 inches, but he has promised to stop, once he reaches 27 inches.

Tereshin said ‘For about a month I was making up to ten injections into each arm every day, using a 20 ml syringe.’

He would have to spend 400,000 roubles (£5,000) if he used real Synthol since he made it himself, it cost him only 4,000 roubles (£50 pounds).


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