Reasons Why Falling In Love For The Second Time Is Better Than The First

Love is that one thing which can either make a person or break him/her. It probably is the strongest emotion ever. When a person falls for someone for the first time, things are good and fresh. But this relationship ends, it hurts so bad that you refrain yourself from falling for someone ever again. But that’s the thing about life, it makes you fall in love with someone for the second time. And with time you get reasons to believe why the second relationship is way better than the first.

Here are reasons that will tell you why being in love with someone for the second time is better than the first!

1. It heals

The first breakup is always the worst. The pain and suffering a person goes through are literally a lot to handle. And that’s when love for the second time comes in. It heals the wounds of the past and makes you believe in love again. This indeed is one of the best reasons.

2. You learn what strength is

To come out of a trauma and start afresh takes a hell lot of strength, that too when the pain is related to your first breakup. And if you have been or are in love for the second time, you already know about this better.

3. The depth in this new relationship is more

Of course, it has to be. You have already been in love once and now, after getting over it for the first time, you know the dos and don’ts before falling for the second time.

4. The sense of security

Post the first breakup and after falling in love for the second time, you get to know that security is important. And that’s exactly what you look for in the new relationship. Security is one of the biggest reasons for a person to fall for someone again.

5. Understanding

You get to learn that love is not the only thing necessary. And you look for more reasons to be with someone after the first breakup. And one of those reasons being understanding which actually is a mandatory thing for a relationship to thrive.

6. Happiness in little things

This is what keeps you two together. Finding happiness in little things becomes your thing when you get to be with someone again.

7. Quality talk

After a breakup, a person gets to know that fight is never the solution. You learn to sit and talk to your partner and that’s exactly what makes everything way better.

8. Committed to each other

When you lose someone, you learn how important it is to hold onto the person you want to be with. And when you fall for someone the second time, that sense of losing that person brings you closer and the commitment increases. One of the many reasons why the second relationship is considered better than the first.

9. Trust 

To be honest, trust is one of those reasons on which everything depends upon. When you get into a relationship for the second time, trust becomes one of the primary reasons for you to be with that person.

10. Possibility of future

Post the first breakup, you learn the dos and don’ts and do your best to avoid the latter. This, in turn, makes a way for a future.

11. Compatibility

The first love happens just like that, it’s fresh and new so you don’t really look for anything else. But before falling for someone again, you look for things like how compatible and comfortable you are with that person.

12. Everything is better

It has to be. You have got to know what your strengths are, you know how to survive, you have made yourself stronger. What else you need?


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