Qatar’s first overseas visa centre set to open

With Qatar finishing all arrangements for the opening of the primary Qatar Visa Center (QVC) outside the State, it was focused on yesterday that one of the points of the activity is to guarantee assurance against medical issues that may start abroad and lessen the danger of genuine sicknesses being brought into the nation.

The primary period of the new enlistment system, under which work visa-related methodology are to be finished in the nations of origin of ostracize laborers before they touch base in Qatar, will become effective on October 12, when the main QVC opens in Sri Lanka.

These and different subtle elements of the activity were clarified yesterday at question and answer session in Doha by authorities from the services of Interior (MoI), Public Health (MoPH), and Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs (MADLSA).

Present at the press meet were Mohamed Hassan al-Obaidali, colleague undersecretary for work undertakings at the MADLSA; Major Abdulla Khalifa al-Muhannadi, chief of the Visa Support Services Department at the MoI; and, Dr Ibrahim al-Sha’r, executive of the Medical Commission Department.

Generally speaking, 20 QVCs will be opened in eight nations throughout the following couple of months, the official Qatar News Agency reports.

The focuses will work in view of an incorporated electronic framework for the execution of systems, for example, therapeutic examination, unique mark and biometrics, and the marking of work contracts for exiles outside the State, under the supervision of and follow-up by the specialists worried inside Qatar.

Focusing on that the MoPH is worried about the wellbeing security of the nation, Dr al-Sha’r said that leading the restorative examination of ostracize specialists before their landing in Qatar will help decrease the danger of the entry of a few instances of genuine maladies, for example, HIV/Aids or hepatitis, and in addition some incessant illnesses or wounds that might be a deterrent for a laborer in playing out the work for which s/he is enrolled.

He said that the Medical Commission is the principal protector to keep the invasion of any ailment that is risky to the soundness of the network.

Dr al-Sha’r additionally focused on that the Medical Commission will always catch up on the endorsed therapeutic examination focuses outside the State to guarantee the legitimacy and nature of tests led for remote specialists.

As per a pamphlet clarifying the systems, the extended therapeutic registration will incorporate a dream test, inoculation, and a physical examination by a specialist notwithstanding the standard blood test and X-beam.

In the mean time, partner undersecretary for work undertakings at MADLSA al-Obaidali said that the point of the activity is to rearrange and encourage systems for managers, and additionally to give more insurance to ostracize laborers coming to work in Qatar.

He focused on that the task comes as an affirmation of the job of Qatar in the consideration and security of the privileges of ostracize laborers, through the utilization of the most astounding universal models in such manner.

He said that before the beginning of the venture, gatherings were held with the work joins of nations that supply laborers to Qatar to talk about the dispatch of the QVCs.

The procedure begins here in Qatar, where the business or selection representative applies for endorsement of remote specialist visas in view of work contracts as indicated by the pertinent direction through the MoI site or Metrash 2.

At the point when the endorsements are in truth, the candidate can continue with important methods at the accessible QVC at his very own nation.

Al-Obaidali said the new framework would impressively help in diminishing the quantity of work question, for example, over fake contracts and illicit expenses gathered by enrollment offices from representatives in the nation of cause.

Furthermore, both the business and worker would have an unmistakable photo of the concurred terms and conditions, and thus the insurance of the privileges of both would be guaranteed.

MoI Visa Support Services executive Major al-Muhannadi said that the service has been taking a shot at the consummation of the undertaking for over a year, in perspective of its significance in giving further developed and less demanding administrations.

Following the opening of the main fixate on October 12, the Sri Lankan work giving organizations should select laborers through this inside and the new electronic system, he included.

He said that the administrations given by these focuses, including QVC of Sri Lanka, will be at first constrained to fingerprinting the specialist, recording imperative information, leading restorative examinations and marking the agreement of business, with new administrations to be included the future, including documentation of logical and reasonable capabilities, and wage assurance framework, as per a straightforward system that secures the laborer and the business.

The administration comes quite close to the MoI’s astuteness to give incredible electronic administrations that will help convey its administrations to candidates effectively and spare time and exertion, he proceeded.

The authority said the administration plans to guarantee the fast fruition of exchanges to begin work quickly in the wake of entering the State, and in addition maintain a strategic distance from instances of laborers coming back to their nation of origin in the event that they are discovered inadmissible for the reason for which they were brought.

The venture uses propelled frameworks in medicinal registration and biometric and unique mark preparing, guarantee the consistence of the two businesses and workers with the terms and states of the agreement, receive a more straightforward and mindful enrollment framework, and improve the significance of e-taxpayer driven organizations as a settled and first decision for candidates.

On how the framework functions, he clarified that after the vital endorsements for enrollment – whether as representatives of organizations or as local laborers – are gotten, the job of these focuses starts by accepting these specialists and enlisting their entrance.

This will be trailed by giving over the agreement for marking, fingerprinting, indispensable information passage, restorative examination, last endorsement, and issuance of the visa.

The authority said the techniques inside the QVC will take just a single hour, while the aftereffects of the tests will be accessible in 24 to 48 hours.

Once the ostracize specialist lands in Qatar in the wake of getting the visa, the residency allow card will be issued quickly, and he or she can begin work instantly.

Real al-Muhannadi said that all means to apply for enrollment of Sri Lankan laborers from the QVC are accessible on the MoI site and Metrash2, showing that the methodology of enlistment are the equivalent as the old ones.

The authority noticed that the venture has been actualized through co-activity between the MoI, the MADLSA, the MoPH and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), which will screen and direct the administrations given by the QVCs.

Significant al-Muhannadi focused on that the QVCs will work as indicated by global guidelines, and will be observed by the important specialists inside Qatar.

He said the arrangement of work component was tried between administration focuses outside Qatar and the Visa Support Services Department at the General Directorate of Passports.

Significant al-Muhannadi reviewed that toward the finish of 2017, the MoI had gone into an agreement with a global administration provider to get ready and prepare the QVCs.

He said the development of these focuses mulled over the features of Qatari engineering while at the same time keeping up current highlights that will encourage smooth activities.

Each middle has a satisfactory number of counters orchestrated in a way that will facilitate the stream and advancement of work, and representatives can process all the fundamental methods in a single place.

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