People Taking Pictures Of Their Mirrors To Sell Them Online Is Hilarious

OK, we’ve all got too much crap. People tend to accumulate stuff over the years that they don’t need and should probably get rid of.

The problem is, once you’ve forked out the cash for something, you need to try to get some back if you decide to sell it for whatever reason.

The internet makes it so much easier for us to do that – eBay, Facebook, Gumtree, and Craigslist are all there to flog your unwanted/unnecessary crap, just take a snap and wait for the fish to start biting.

But what if the thing you are flogging, by it’s very nature, is reflective? Like – for example – a mirror?

Well, someone has noticed that there are a lot of people who are selling mirrors online but are accidentally advertising themselves, too.

A lot of people seem to agree, because the tweet has been liked more than 109,000 times and retweeted more than 37,000 times.

There seems to be a few schools of thought on how to do it.

Some just go all out and get themselves right into shot – like the guy who has seductively laid himself out on the floor in front of his mirror.

And this guy, who looks like he is not only baffled by his iPad, but also trying to keep himself out of shot, which is impossible if you’re standing bang in front of a mirror.

The second prevailing technique seems to be to just have the hand and the phone in shot. This is a brave tactic given that you are taking the picture completely blind. Also, what have you got to hide?

Some people have tried to get creative, or use another star for their picture.

If you’ve got a pet, this is a good start. People would be more keen to look at a dog than at your ugly mush. Dogs can be used to sell anything.

If all of these options are not for you, and you need another gimmick, you could try a cunning disguise.

No one will ever have to know who you are – at least until they rock up to your house wanting to buy your mirror – then your cover will be blown.

They’ll realise that you aren’t a ghost at all, you are an average, boring human with household stuff to sell. Whether or not that will swing the deal or not is unclear.

Whatever you do, there are some golden rules that must be obeyed at all costs. In fact, there is only one rule, but just do it.

For goodness sake, wear a shirt.

Whatever this guy is selling, nobody is buying.



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