Paralyzed Singer Brings Judges To Tears With Incredible Story… But Then He Opens His Mouth To Sing

God blesses us with many things and he gives us miracles every day. They happen all around us. Sometimes we miss them, sometimes they’re clear as day and hard to miss. He also gives us certain talents. And while some have the ability to move their body to the rhythm of a beat, some are given angelic voices that can uplift anyone. David Francisco turned out to be one of those people who is blessed with a voice, although it didn’t seem that way at first. After David moved to Nashville to pursue his musical career, he was involved in an accident. A car hit him while he was riding his bike. David clung on for dear life, but then he discovered he was paralyzed from the waist down when he woke up at the hospital. “I thought everything’s over. Music’s over. Relationships are over. I cried every single day for months.”

David still managed to stay strong and pull through. He even forgave the distracted driver that had caused this ordeal. He did vigorous physical therapy to bring his body up to speed. Although it left him tired and raw, there were miraculous results. “I’m in bed one night, and I see my foot move, just a little. Within the next two-three months, I had a lot of improvement. And that continues to today, really,” David explained. “I don’t take anything for granted.” David continued to work and better his life. He even found Christie, the love of his life. Christie was a childhood friend who had recently reached out to David to let him know that he wasn’t alone.

Their love helped him to literally get back on his feet. The happy couple got engaged recently and Christie helps David work on his music. He finally got his break when he got to audition for American Idol. He stepped onto the stage with his crutches and started singing. He sang ‘Isn’t She Lovely’ by Stevie Wonder and he was amazing. During his performance, Christie was backstage wiping away tears and Katy Perry saw this. Katy was so overcome with emotion that she and Christie were both openly weeping by the second verse. Lionel Richie didn’t even let David finish, instead, he stopped him in the middle to give him a big hug and say, “You are an inspiration to us all.” All the judges were moved by the strength it took David to get this far, and of course, his voice.

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