Mom Gets Pregnant With Her Son’s Baby So That His Wife Can Become A Mother

A family is perhaps the most beautiful thing in the world. To start a family is everyone’s dream. And it’s quite natural to think of a family after you have found the right match. Kayla Jones a 29-year-old from Texarkana, Arkansas was desperate to get pregnant and have a baby with her husband. She wanted to become a mom but not all your wishes get accepted. But what happens next stalled the wife as well as the son’s imagination.

1. This is the reason why the wife couldn’t be a mom

The uterus is the most important thing when it comes to getting pregnant. when the wife was 17 years old doctor and diagnosed uterus tumour because of which her uterus had to be removed. Hence they faced a problem in the health side.

2. The painful realization

The desperate mom then understood she cannot get pregnant and have a baby. So, they went in search of a surrogate mom so that they can still have some biological relationship with the newborn baby. If she wants to start a family then it’s time to find a gestational surrogate. This is where Recker, the husband’s mom, came up with the brilliant idea to carry her son’s child and surprise his wife.

3. To the rescue

The mom realised her son’s disappointment and she got ready to get pregnant with her son’s baby so that he and his wife could finally start a new family.

4. The amazing relationships

According to the would-be mom, Kayla’s been 10 years since she knows that she will have to use a surrogate to have a baby. She is glad that it’s somebody that she can trust also the son’s perspective is quite amazing saying that he is glad that she will be carrying her Grand Baby.

5. The process

The lady had a baby 40 years and back but its no problem for her to go through that pain again. The transfer took place in March 2017 in a Dallas clinic. There’s nothing more amazing than a mom getting pregnant with her son’s baby sho that he and his wide could start a new family.

6. The wife can’t be gladder

The wife can’t believe that the lady is actually carrying her son’s baby. Now nothing could stop her from starting a new family. The mom has absolutely no complaints about her being pregnant.

7. God is good

The wife is brimming with happiness with her mother in law carrying her son’s baby. She said that it takes a village to raise a kid but it’s taking a village to bring it here. Who thought that a mom can carry her son’s baby in order to give his wife the biggest gift of motherhood.

8. The risk of a pregnant woman 

The gods wanted Kayla, the wife to start a family. It is a grave risk for older women to become pregnant, here the process went smoothly and the baby Kross Allen Jones was born on 30 December 2017.

9. This is what the mom has to say

There is nothing greater than becoming a mom. And she’s happy that she could bring a smile on her son’s and his wife’s face. If her being pregnant can start a new beginning so be it.

10. An idol

This act is a pure symbol of selflessness and unconditional love. Nobody could better understand her son’s sadness than the mom herself. Maybe that’s why getting pregnant with her son’s baby wasn’t a big deal for her.

11. What a great way to start a family

To start a family is a great thing in itself. But when the birth of your baby is this special then it adds a separate charm to it. Who said getting pregnant is the only way to have a baby. The wife is really lucky.

12. When love speaks the louder

This mom getting pregnant with her son’s baby has really thought everyone a lesson. The wife is glad and shocked at the very time with this impossible and godly gift. Yes, the wife can’t get pregnant but nothing is gonna stop her from having a baby.

This mom has set an example on how to give your son’s family an unconditional love. And the women who can’t get pregnant, learn something from the wife.



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