Ministry explains new employment visa procedures through QVC

The Ministry of Interior has given another administration to businesses to finish visa systems through Qatar Visa Centers “QVC” to be worked in 8 chose nations as a first stage. The principal QVC will work in Colombo, Sri Lanka. This new advance encourages the visa techniques of exiles, while they are still in their nation of origin, through Qatar benefit focuses, which will work in the ostracize’s nation.

QVC works through an incorporated electronic framework to finish the systems of medicinal checkups, enrolment of unique finger impression and biometrics. Besides, the ostracize will have the capacity to audit and sign their business contracts while they are still in their nation of origin.

The venture targets work through 20 benefit focuses in eight nations: Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Nepal, Tunisia, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and the Philippines.

“The opening of the main undertaking focus in Sri Lanka is planned for October 12 and Sri Lankan organizations should select laborers through the inside and the new electronic system,” a MoI official said before.


As indicated by this new visa framework, the business needs to present a visa application through the site of Qatar Ministry of Interior ( or through Metrash App. Subsequent to distinguishing and enrolling the individual coming to Qatar for work on the Ministry of Interior’s site, which will check the qualification of the exile to enter Qatar as indicated by the sort of employment and nationality. Afterward, the Ministry of Interior will issue an underlying endorsement and create a reference number for ostracize.

At that point, the ostracize or manager can book an arrangement for checkups and contract signature by the exile coming to Qatar through QVC site:, utilizing a similar reference number.

Once the ostracize passes all the required examinations “fingerprints, biometrics, medicinal checkups and marking of the business contract” under the supervision of the Ministry of Interior and applicable experts, a work visa will be issued and the exile can begin work quickly on touching base in Qatar.

Steps to be taken by the expatriate: 

• After the business gets the underlying endorsement of enlistment, the ostracize or his boss can book an arrangement for restorative checkup and different methodology utilizing the MOI produced reference number through the site of Qatar Visa Center “”.

• Once the ostracize lands to the QVC focus, they will approve their reference number and international ID, and the exile must present every single expected report to help visa application. At that point, a duplicate of work contract will be given to the ostracize to survey and e-signature, before continuing to the biometric and therapeutic checkups. The ostracize will be given over a duplicate of the agreement after the fruition all things considered.

• After the mark of the agreement, fingerprints and biometric enlistment. the ostracize will be sent to joined restorative focus to finish the therapeutic checkups. After the finishing of this progression, the ostracize will leave medicinal focus and sit tight for a notice from the business in regards to the outcomes.

Features of the Service for Employers: 

• To encourage the enlistment systems by sparing time and exertion, and giving all enrollment administrations and methods through one single channel.

• Completion of therapeutic checkup methods of the ostracize before their landing to Qatar.

• To secure the privileges of businesses through the documentation of work contracts marked by the two gatherings, and guaranteeing the two gatherings consistence with the terms and states of the agreement.

• Adopting an exceptionally straightforward and dependable visa framework that will guarantee exactness in culmination of enlistment strategies.

• To profit by highlights and viability of medicinal checkup and electronic biometric unique finger impression framework to give coordinated e-administrations described by speed, simplicity and comfort.


• The fundamental reason for this activity is to facilitate the strategies of ostracize enlistment while they are still in their nation of origin. Besides, this new advance would guarantee ensuring the privileges of exiles, and guaranteeing their wellbeing and security, while encouraging every single essential methodology for his entrance into Qatar. Such move would likewise encourage checking and reporting the procedure of ostracize enlistment, and accelerating their work beginning under streamlined, smooth and viable methods.

• The foundation of the Qatar Visa Centers by Qatar will empower the ostracize to effortlessly and viably entire all techniques of enlistment, for example, medicinal checkups, fingerprints and biometric information, marking of work contract and archives authentication, alongside different administrations to be presented in the coming stages. On the off chance that the exile is end up being qualified and fit to work in Qatar, a work visa will be issued and the ostracize can begin work instantly on his entry in Qatar.

Advantages of the Service for Expatriates:  

• To guarantee straightforwardness within the sight of checked employment contract.

• Achieving ostracize’s welfare and ensuring their rights.

• Documenting the activity contract in home nation and under the supervision of Qatar concerned experts, previously landing to the State of Qatar.

• To guarantee the wellness/qualification of ostracize for work before his entry to State of Qatar.

• The ostracize can work quickly upon landing in Qatar.

• Completion of systems for getting Residence Permit upon landing.

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