Mia Khalifa Reveals ISIS Are Reason She Quit Adult Entertainment

Mia Khalifa turned her attentions to numerous industries, and she has now explained why she moved on from where she made her name.

The outspoken 25-year-old rose to fame after a short but controversial stint in the adult entertainment industry. One scene involved Mia having sex while clothed in a hijab; sparking anger among some religious individuals.

Mia – who was born in Beirut, Lebanon – was seen as being disgraceful by some media outlets in her home country. Nevertheless, she gained notable success; becoming one of the most highly ranked actresses on PornHub.

Now Mia has spoken out about her time in the adult entertainment industry while appearing on disgraced road racing cyclist Lance Armstrong’s podcast The Forward.

Here she revealed how the death threats she received from terrorism group ISIS led her to leave behind her in favour of a more conventional career.

Terrifyingly, ISIS even threatened to behead Mia unless she stopped working as an adult film sector.

Speaking with 46-year-old Lance in Austin, Texas, Mia confessed:

It all started to spiral out of control when the death threats from ISIS started coming in, that’s when I stepped away.

As soon as I started to gain popularity that’s when I was like ‘get the f*** out of this’.

This was not what I was trying to do whatsoever. I just wanted to let loose and rebel a little bit.


Mia appeared to express regret over her former career choice, describing her time in the industry – a mere three months at the age of 21 – as a ‘huge mistake.’

Mia added:

It didn’t validate me. Nothing like that ever does.

That’s not what you should be doing to try and build your self-esteem.

Posting later about her appearance through her popular Instagram account, Mia wrote:

Thank you to @lancearmstrong for letting me tell my story on his podcast.

I talked my brief stint in the porn industry, death threats, family, dating, and moving FORWARD.

In the words of Lance’s twitter bio: ‘There’s a reason the windshield is bigger than the rearview mirror.’


Mia and Lance have reportedly been friends for years. The former sportsman even had Mia over for dinner the weekend prior to the interview.

Speaking candidly about his own regrets, Lance admitted he empathised with Mia’s plight of being labelled solely as a porn star even after moving on to other pursuits:

When I open up all these articles about you, every one of them starts ‘porn star’.

For three months you did something, which you just admitted was a huge mistake, every one of these articles the lead two words are porn star.


Lance added:

If you put my name in here and google it and open up 10 articles — obviously I did things for longer than three months — every one of those articles starts ‘disgraced …’

Going forward, Mia is now pursuing her foodie passions, with ambitious plans to have her very own book published:

I’m a cook – I’ve been cooking since I could walk, all different cuisines.

I’m in process of writing sample chapters. It’s a story of my life through recipes.

Listen to the pair discuss the stigma attached to having worked in adult entertainment in the following podcast episode.



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