Incredible Transformation After Surgery Of A Girl Having Dental Deformity!

Puberty is the toughest time of everyone’s life. Sometimes it even becomes the worst time for many people. At the time of puberty, everything feels different and awkward. We also suffer from mood swings or severe low and high euphoric highs. Well, at this period of time we are usually a teenager who goes to school and you already know what happens there. Sometimes we make the best memories but for some, it becomes the worst nightmare just because they are bullied.

Bullying is the most common activity in America and it is getting worse because of rising in the cyberbullying. However, some young people tell about this to the adults but only 20-30% cases are ever reported. So today, we will tell you about the incredible transformation of this young girl who became a victim of bullying just because she was suffering from dental deformity.

Meet 14-year-old Ellie Jones from Rhyl, Wales. This young girl was the victim of bullying in her school because she suffered from Dental Deformity. People said terrible things to her. Even her classmates treated her as the emotional punching bag just to make themselves feel better. After all of this sufferings, she decided something that changed her life completely.

She came to know about her under-developed jaw when she was 14 because the jaw was clearly visible. Her deformed jaw also misaligned her teeth resulting in physical pain. At that time, it was the worst thing happened to her that she could ever imagine.

When she went to an orthodontist, the doctor was amazed by seeing that her jaw has not been grown since she was 8-years-old. Ellie had to to go series of surgeries for next 6-years to treat her dental deformity. She knows that if she did not go through these surgeries, maybe she will have to face bullying for the rest of her life.

When Joy Hickman, Ellie’s Orthodonist discover the reason of her deformed jaw, she immediately appointed consultant maxillofacial surgeon, Emma Woolley, to look up for the treatment and surgery. She had her first surgery when she was 16. The surgery was successful but the pain in the jaw was intolerable. She was on a liquid diet for a month and she was not able to speak properly, as she uses a notepad for communication. The whole struggle she went through was all worth it at the end.

This brave girl didn’t lose hope. She came to Emma Woolley and Joy Hickman to fix her jaw for years. After a lot of patience, hard work and dedication, her jaw was treated completely and she received a beautiful smile on her face. As now, her surgeries are completed and she has got an incredible transformation. She is now a young woman with a very beautiful smile which means the new world for her.

She lives with her parents and sister and she is totally proud of the way she looks. Her parents and teachers have also noticed a big improvement in her confidence level. She used to be a shy person who always remains at the back in various activities but now she is confident and able enough to tell her story to the world.

This transformation of the young girl, Ellie, is an inspiration for many people who get bullied for their looks. Nothing is impossible. You too can make a change. As Ellie said, “It’s worth the year of pain and my mum said what’s a year compared to the rest of your life. I used to dance and I used to be afraid to come to the front that after I had it done my dance teacher said she could see the difference in my confidence. I was shy but now I feel really confident. It’s changed my whole life.”


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