Forget Puppy Dog And Bambi Eyes, This Cat Has The Saddest Eyes To Melt Your Heart!

Although Domesticated some 9,500 years ago, cats probably right when the truth is they tamed us. They live with us, but even indoor cats aren’t entirely dependent on us, certainly not in the emotional way dogs are.

They ignore their owners, mostly sleep, intermittently deign to serve as purring lap warmers, and occasionally drop a half-dead mouse on the rug. But hey, who doesn’t want a cat? Cat love to cuddle with humans, and are a perfect cure to sadness and grief. While many cats make humans happy, there is one cat with eyes so sad, you’d want to cuddle him.

Even if you don’t like cats this sad-eyed cat will have you Awwing in no time!

Playing with his mom’s jacket, he’s happy but his expressions tell us he’s thinking why the jacket has to be green instead of blue!

This is what Lulu looked like when he was just a tiny kitten! Like he’s got the world’s worries and stress on his shoulders…


These are Lulu’s brothers, but neither of them have sad faces, looks like Lulu didn’t want to take the picture in the first place!

Someone give this kitty a break…


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