Entire Arizona Family Is Switching Genders

For years, if people want to go against the society norms they were chastised by the masses. Unfortunately, for some strange reason, people fear what they don’t understand, and would rather criticize someone’s unique lifestyle rather than putting in the effort to see things from a completely different perspective for a change.

It’s fortunate enough that the emergence of the internet and social media in particular has made it easier for people who live alternative lifestyles to meet others who are doing the same. Day by day, the LGBT and transgender communities grow stronger and stronger as they increase in numbers.

Now, transgender folks no longer feel like they need to hide their identities as much anymore. However, that doesn’t mean they still don’t get an abundance of dirty looks and hear nasty whispers on a daily basis.

Daniel Harot and Shirley Austin know this far too well.

Basically, Dan was born a woman and his partner, Shirley, was born a man — but both have transitioned in recent years. Before Dan’s journey to become a man began, he gave birth to two children, a boy and a girl.

Dan’s children have gotten to the age where they have begun to question their own identities, and are following in Dan and Shirley’s footsteps as they transition as well.

Now, Dan’s 11-year-old, who was born female, lives as a boy. And his 13-year-old, who was born male, lives as a girl.

“It feels like you’re getting to live for the first time,” he said. “And my children are getting to be who they’ve always wanted to be.”

During their formative years, Joshua and Mason are living a lifestyle that’s entirely different from their peers, they have similar goals and dreams for adulthood as those of other kids their age.

“I’ve been wanting to be, like, a doctor,” said Daniel’s son, Joshua, before being interrupted by his sister, Mason.

“You’ve been saying that since you were little!” he chided her. “I also said I wanted to be a doctor.”

With so much negativity around the world today, it’s nice to see smiles on the faces of this lovely family of four despite the unpleasant feedback they receive from some folks who disagree with their choices.

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