Duterte Is Dead? ‘She Dragon’ Marlene Aguilar Says Yes, Believes Current Rody Is A Reptilian

Marlene Aguilar aka She Dragon 696 has once again independently directed the Internet’s attention towards her, this time by strangely claiming that the real Rodrigo Duterte is dead and that the current president is a reptilian alien in disguise.

In a head-scratching post on her Facebook account, the sister of Freddie Aguilar and mother of road rage convict Jason Ivler said she came to the conclusion that the real Duterte is dead after her contact in the Central Intelligence Agency supposedly told her about the president’s confinement in an island.

“According to my contact with the CIA, the real president Duterte was in an island bedridden. He said the president’s cancer has so become so advanced he was defecating and pissing in his own bed. This was a month ago. If this is true, I believe President Duterte is dead,” she wrote.

Aguilar said the current Duterte is a reptoid (a reptilian humanoid) apparently because the latter looked healthier than the “real one” during his appearances in the latest State of the Nation Address (SONA) and ASEAN summit and couldn’t remember his past conversations with local officials which included Philippine National Police (PNP) Director General Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa, Transportation Secretary Arthur Tugade and Samal Mayor David Uy.

“According to reptoid aliens Dolly Escarrion and I are in contact with, the Duterte you see now is an reptoid alien in disguise. These reptoids can copy any human shape and form they want,” she claimed.

Ending her post, Aguilar challenged the president to expose her claims.

“I BELIEVE DUTERTE IS DEAD. I BELIEVE THE CURRENT DUTERTE IS AN IMPOSTOR! So I challenge the president to step forward and clear my allegations immediately!” she wrote.

Photo: kickerdaily


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