Daughter places HIDDEN camera in mother’s nursing home room – what she sees HORRIFIES her

A personal support worker was caught on camera swearing at an elderly woman at a nursing home in Ottawa, Canada.

Diana Pepin never expected to capture the abuse when she placed a hidden camera in her mother’s room at Peter D. Clark nursing home.

She wanted to keep an eye on her mother and monitor the staff’s handling of her mother’s personal hygiene after she noticed her mother was getting bed sores and her basin was not getting cleaned, reported CBC News.

Instead what she heard in the footage horrified her.

The personal support worker was caught on camera saying “Die, die you [expletive.] You’ve got to die now” to Pepin’s 86-year-old mother, Viola.

Viola cannot speak or move due to a traumatic brain injury, however, her daughter said her mother understands, reported the news station.

“My mother had to go to sleep, had to go to bed that night, be tucked in by this person … and this is her primary evening caregiver,” Pepin told CBC News.

“This is torture,” she added.

The City of Ottawa said the personal support worker has now been fired along with two other staff members who witnessed the abuse and failed to report it, reported the news station.



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