A Boy’s Answer To Will He Marry A Non Virgin girl Is Winning Everyone’s Heart

“Are you a virgin?” a question that probably makes loads of girls uncomfortable. But owing to the increase of feminists and awareness, many fitting replies have come up to tackle this already illogical question. Now, there is one other question which is not only illogical but also, something that reveals what kind of a person someone is.

“Will you marry a non-virgin girl?” Now, for those who don’t know what being virgin or what virginity is, here is a simple explanation. As per Wikipedia, Virginity is the state of a person who has never engaged in sexual intercourse. Yes, you read that correctly.

I know most of you must have already formed an opinion and the majority of you will fall into the “No, I will not,” category. I even know everyone is entitled to have an opinion of his own and no one should have any kind of problem with that. And if I am a good judge of character then let me guess the probable reasons behind your “no”. Let me list them down-

1.I am a virgin and I want a partner who is just the same

2.Girls who lose their virginity before marriage are $luts

3.I want my wife to be pure

Do you still want me to go on? And pure, seriously? The purity of a person comes from his/her heart, not anything else. Before you start wondering if this is yet again a lecture posts then you are wrong. This is much better. Read further and know how

A boy’s answer to will he marry a non-virgin girl is winning everyone’s hearts

People generally associate a girl’s character based on if she had $ex before marriage or not. Now, if you have even a bit of sense, you might know that’s completely wrong. For instance, look at the guy’s reply upon being asked if he will marry a non-virgin girl. To be honest, we need more people like him.

Read his reply? Did you see what I am talking about? “Virginity would not be a correct scale to measure someone’s character.”  Now, that’s one matured reply and proves he is the kind of person we need.


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