15 Awesome Parents Who Deal With Parenting So Easily

Even parents are also human beings, who can also be as careless as kids and teens. Some parents see parenting as the biggest responsibility on their shoulders. But here are instances of how easily and with fun parenting responsibility can be handled.

Trendy #1 – Engineering Parenting

We Engineers Make the World Says old adage. If the parents are innovative they can solve the issue of feeding their babies using a tool built with creativity. Here is the best example of innovative parenting.

Trendy#2 – Real Vs Reel

Parenting is Bliss enjoyed by every parent. But in reality, parents tend to be involved in multitasking along with parenting that too current generation parents can’t stay away from their phones. Here is a picture depicting the difference between Reel & Real at its best.

Trendy #3 – Dinner with the Daughter

Parents look after their wards with utmost care that too when they are in an outing. But here is a foodie Dad busy in satisfying his appetite while his daughter is deeply involved in exploring what is beneath the dinner table!

Trendy#4 – Workaholic Dad

Work from home or bring office work to home is a common phenomenon for new generation parents. Here is a Dad who is in a hurry to get his work done by pushing his daughter aside without listening to her plead for space.

Trendy#5 –  Christmas stocking for grown-up Daughter!

Christmas stocking is a sock prepared colorfully and hung by the parents on Christmas Eve for Santa Claus to pour gifts into it. But here is a hilarious picture of Christmas stocking prepared by the parents of an adult who is a mother herself!

Trendy #6 – Outing of stay at home parents

Parents who are aged often prefer to stay at home and they skip partying and traveling outside. But here is a picture of a couple who are the stay-at-home kind who are enjoying their trip outdoor.

Trendy #7 – Hidden Message in Christmas Gift

Christmas gifts from parents always bring joy amongst children. But here is an interesting picture of a Christmas gift given by parents to a 24-year-old son which had a strong message to him for begin independent life instead of living with parents!

Trendy#8 – Gifts that can make mockery of you

Parents plan days together to purchase gifts for their children and try to be as creative as possible in their choices. But sometimes their choices boomerang and here is a picture that depicts how a Christmas gift given by a mother made way for a funny situation as the sweater gifted by mother had Santa Claus peeing to create the message “Merry Christmas!”


9 Hour Travel on a flight can be hurricane task for the family if they have a baby to look after. This picture depicts hilariously the travel hiccups faced by a parent.

Trendy #10

Parents are expected to protect their kids from any accidents. But here is a picture of Father in a hurry to protect the kid inviting an accident.

Trendy #11

Of all the parents put forth in this post here are the parents who can be undoubtedly declared as ‘parents’of the decade’

Trendy #12 – Tattoo Action & Reaction

A daughter’s tattoo invokes following reaction from her father!


Here is a picture of what can happen in a zoo if parents slightly get distracted and remove their eyes from their kid!

Trendy #14

Here is a cool picture of Dad gifting medical Gloves instead of balloons for daughter’s birthday as he is a stomatologist who didn’t find time to buy Balloons!


Here is a picture of how a father used a smartphone cover which his son didn’t find interesting and gifted to him!


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